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Hybrid Knowledge-Driven A.I.

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It is a simple yet epoch-making system invention that can be utilized in all sorts of communities and organizations where people are organically involved. This is The Token Economy Ware, the core of our innovative blockchain solution.

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Token economy

By introducing the token economy ware of the Kyvalion into the workflow, the motivation and satisfaction level towards work will improve in all employees which facilitates advanced communication towards the objective of the entire company.
For instance, the opinion adopted by the company within the application used at the front of the ware will be given appropriate compensation defined in the rule.

It is a simple yet epoch-making system invention that can be utilized in all sorts of communities and organizations where people are organically involved.
This is the token economy ware, the core of our innovative blockchain solution.

2way peg : Side chain

A 2-way peg (2WP) allows the transfer of bitcoins from the Bitcoin blockchain to a Secondary blockchain and vice-versa.We’ll present the most common 2WP designs: sidechain, drivechain and multi-sig custody and hybrid designs. To simplify the explanations, we’ll call secoins to the bitcoins that have been transferred to the secondary blockchain.

Artificial Intelligence

Smart contracts for A.I. can perform functions at the same time. Block chain smart contracts could increase awareness of people working with robots. Understanding the fact that every action will be forever recorded in blockchain can make employees to think hundred times before violating security regulations.


Introduce a new era of messaging and is fast, simple, secure. In addition, we can receiving and transmitting cryptocurrency as well as a message without QR code or wallet addresses.

②Smart contract+A.I.

By combining with Kyvalion system, A.I. enables you to automate the infrastructure to train and deploy Deep Learning Models. The platform provides you a simple workflows with interactive dashboard having drag-drop UI functionality.

③ON chain+OFF chain

Create an off-chain (not inscribed in public blockchains between users) in the on-chain (inscribed in public blockchains) and to fuse them together.

④Asset Gateways

You will be trading your assets through decentralized trustless exchanges. They will only interact with existing centralized exchanges for onboard and offboarding

⑤Deep learning analyze

An artificial intelligence analize any of information, data and asset histories that are accumulated in block chain by building neaural network.

⑥Open Auction in

The Kyvalion provides decentlized blockchain-based auction platform. Transparency brought to the table is of great importance, no auctions behind closed doors.

White PaperDownload our White paper here.

White paper(English ver.)

White paper(Chinese ver.)

RoadmapOur histories and ways to go

  • Member On-BoardingAugust 2015
  • Coming up with the IdeaSeptember 2015
  • Research & DevelopmentNovember 2015
  • Sidechain:Two way pegMarch 2016
  • Private TestnetOctober 2016
  • White paper ReleaseApril 2017
  • Crowd Sale[PHASE1]July 2017
  • Crowd Sale[PHASE2]January 2018
  • Wallet Release2ndQ 2018
  • Token Economy Ware Launch4Q 2018
  • Other Projects Launch1stQ 2019

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TeamThe Kyvalion Team Members

Yu Numakura
Akihiko Sato
Tsuyoshi Mizushima
Masao Komai

Takumi Hisamatsu
Web Ceator
Junichi Kikuchi
General Coordination
Kae Shibuya
PR Manager

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