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What’s The Kyvalion

Kyvalion is
a previously unheard of revolutionary project
combining blockchain technology with AI.

The 3 Advantages of Kyvalion

画像A Cryptocurrency
Issuing Platform
画像Artificial Intelligence (AI)

A Cryptocurrency issuing platform with a
focus on creating a well-balanced societal trade of value and improved societal interchange.


Leverage the Power of Bitcoin’s Block Chain

By Adopting something called 2-Way peg system, it is now possible to take advantage of the safest bitcoin blockchain. As a result,
companies and organizations can issue their original cryptocurrency by leveraging this technology by using the Kyvalion platform.


Zero Remittance Fees!
Cryptocurrency Transactions Combined with Chat Funtionality

The communication technology that is employed on the Kyvalion platform uses a crypto-algorythm called MTProto v2 which is considered the most secure technology currently available.
The secure exchane of messages and transactions is a top priority. In addition, by leveraging off-chain the surcharge for remmitances of cryptocurrency based in this chat are completely free.


Possibility of Issuing
an Original Super Currency

Kyvalion is a platform base on balanced value exchange, foreseeing the future based on data analysis and execution of transparent agreements. Using this platform companies and organizations can further gain the confidence of users.

Kyvalion Brings Convenience into Your Life


An Innovative Future Created by Artificial Intelligence (AI) (Foresee the Future)


Implementation of Rich Unsurpassed AI
Which Understands the Human Condition

The currently state of the majority of artificial intelligence merely understands direct intention, however cannot interpret nuanced intention. The Artificial Intelligence to be used in Kyvalion is the highest class containing the highest amount of vocabulary combined with the particularities of the Japanese language. As an AI that understands the human condition it can be used in a variety of situations.


Creating the Possibility of the
Future with the Fusion of BlockChain and AI

With the overwhelming artificial intelligence of the Kyvalion platform, we will collect scatterred data from a variety of sources to analysis big data. By doing such it is not to be burried in an enormous amount of data but rather deliver necessary data to the places where it is needed the most. With the analysis of data, engaging in more effective business activities are possible. We are creating a bright and transparent future with the combined development of blockchain and AI.


Even with the Astronomical Amount of Data in Our Society,
AI will Support You

With the further development of artificial intelligence (AI) which understands the human condition, in otherwords the AI that understands you the most, it is as if you hired a personal concierge.
This AI will provide you with the most relevant information and advice to reach your goals. With the continued development of AI, you will be protected on the Kyvalion platform by previously solved AI problems. We are realizing smart contracts for a transparent and healthy future society.

Kyvalion’s AI Technology
will Enrich Your Life


Automatic Approval and Execution of Contracts /
Smart Contract Technology


Program Based Automatic Contracting and Approval Functionality

Smart Contracts is functionality where contracts that are programmatically carried out. With this functionality your contracts on Kyvalions block chain will be executed without fail, therefore you will be able to productively continue with your activities free from all stress and worries.


Your Intentions Carried Out Faithfully with Smart Contracts

It is understood that keeping one’s promise is particularly important especially in the case of donations. When you particulaly agreed with a certain idea and decide to make a donation, however the recipient did not recieve your donation. You would certainly feel as if your good will had been trampled upon and regrettably begin to lose trust in society. With Kyvalion one has full control and is able to check the process each step of the way ensuring that your intentions are faithfully carried out.


Security Exceeding that of Ethereum

The smart contract funtionality on the Kyvalion platform uses the bitcoin blockchain which continues to function devoid of any issues and has never been tampered with or hacked so it is even more secure than that of Ethereum.

Kyvallion Provides Transparent
and Sound Data Analysis

A new era of technological inititivesRoad Map



Product Launch


Meeting with Recipient of Nobel Peace Prize Dr. Muhammad Yunus

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2018年9月27日に配信した 「KTC(Kyvalion Token Coin


ERC20トークンの中には、ミクウガジャパン発行のKTC(Kyvalion Token

弊社発行仮想通貨 KTCが分散型取引所DDEX(ディ・デックス)に上場しました




Our Message

Now the internet has become an indispensable part of society’s infrastructure just as
important as water or electricity. The internet has changed our society completely enriching
and giving convenience to our daily lives. In addition, with the creation of blockchain and AI these two technologies are going to further change our lives. We have created Kyvalion, a new revolutionary social platform with the fusion of these two technologies. With the spread of Kyvalion throughout the world,
not only will it bring convenience to peoples lives, we believe it will be the catalyst for melding of the goodwill of people leading to a better society as a whole. A revolutionary change came
with the birth of the internet. Just as we look forward to seeing much more vast changes
with you in the future, please look forward to the bright
future we are creating with Kyvaliion.

Yu Numakura

Our Team-The Team-

Yu Numakura
Tsuyoshi Mizushima
Akihiko Sato
Junichi Kikuchi
Kae Shibuya
Takumi Hisamatsu
Web Director
Akira Murakawa

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